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Orlando Florida 32824

Can PopNoggins be used outside?

Can PopNoggins archive, locate and burn a disk for a guest that has lost one an hour earlier?

Can PopNoggins burn to a USB drive?

How much space is required and how much does PopNoggins prefer?

How much time in advance must we book?

Can PopNoggins size and move heads around?

Can PopNoggins size bodies and move them around?

Is PopNoggins’ video offering diversified?

How many possible videos can be made from the song list?

Does PopNoggins travel?

How long is the typical event?

Is there a PopNoggins near me?

Does PopNoggins provide the planner with a Master disk of all the videos recorded at the event?

Does PopNoggins offer any upgrades?

Can PopNoggins be on a big screen or projector?

How many units can PopNoggins provide on a single event?

Does PopNoggins provide staff with the system?

Can PopNoggins only film groups of six people?

How many people can participate in PopNoggins per hour?

How long does it take to set up / strike the PopNoggins system at the event site?

Can PopNoggins insert our clients’ logo, brand or banner ad into the video?

Can our clients have custom DVDs with their logos?

How much electrical power is required?