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What is Fliptastic Photo?

What other software does PopNoggins create?

What types of events use Fliptastic Photo?

How can I make money with Fliptastic Photos?

How easy is Fliptastic photo to operate?

Is the software expensive?

What is the experience like for the guest?

How much space is required?

Will I need anything else?

Is this a franchise?

How long has Fliptastic Photo been around?

How much can a Fliptastic Photo System earn?

What is a flip photo or photo flip?

Does Fliptastic Photo have a “Green Screen” built in?

Does Fliptastic have “Branding Studio” built in?

How many photos can be created in one hour?

Can a dealer customize the artwork?

Can I buy a territory in the USA?

Is there technical support?

Do I have to buy plastic from Fliptastic Photo?

Do I have to buy my hardware from Fliptastic?

How much revenue can a Fliptastic bring me?

How big is the hardware in transport and storage?

How much space is required to set up an event?

How many people can be flipped at once?

What Fliptastic products do I sell my clients?