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  • popnoggins

    PopNoggins utilizes “green screen” technology to superimpose players heads onto dancing bodies. Up to six people (or more) at a time can perform to popular tunes with many combinations, PopNoggins outshines the competition!

    When the music stops, the video is placed on DVDs and a new group of players can start instantly. Each guest can take home a DVD due to PopNoggins exclusive ability to create six DVDs simultaneously.

    The built-in YouTube uploader can send each video online instantly! You can have each of your events video online for the world to enjoy!

  • BobbleNoggins

    Bobble Noggins are a great party favor! It’s the Ultimate Bobble Head – You! We take your photo and place your head onto a themed body of your choice. They easily capture attention and create lasting memorabilia in just minutes.

    Bobble Noggins has over 70 bodies to choose from, and now you have the option to create custom bodies to fit the demographic you are reaching out to.

    Another bonus is that the Bobble Noggins bodies have received upgraded stands to keep your custom bobble head standing strong!

  • Visions

    Visions is the latest combination from PopNoggins. It takes some old and mixes with new to create a perfect package of Green Screen Photo Software

    • With a name like Fliptastic you should already know that you are getting something fantastic. Our Flip Photo Software combines 2 photos into a flipping good time!

    • Thanks to Facet by PopNoggins we are able to make unique Photo Cubes. Getting a group together and snapping lasting memories will never go out of style!

    • Close up is software that is incredibly popular. It allows us to put your guests picture on any virtual background. Is your guest ready to be on the cover of a magazine? Close up makes it easy!

    • Do you like 3D photography? Dimensions will make you fall in love! It makes creating 3D photography fun and exciting. Use one of our many templates to put yourself anywhere!

  • Flip Movies

    Flip Movies 3.0 is the latest flip book software from PopNoggins. It lets you capture great moments and make them last in the form of a classic flip book.

    In just seconds your video is recorded then printed frame by frame onto paper that in just two more steps will be an everlasting flip book!

  • Instant Mosaic Software

    Instant Mosaic is an extremely fast and versatile dynamic photo mosaic creator. It lets you create photo mosaic pictures with automated dynamic mosaic tile changes using additional images. Guests receive their own photos as well as view their images on external monitors.

  • Share

    The name says it all. Share. We live in a time where each moment is documented and spread across the world via social media sites. Why not share these moments, too? Before you could walk away from PopNoggins with a DVD in hand, but times have changed!

    We are giving you a way to automatically share your fun with your friends, family, and the world easily! Each product Powered by PopNoggins can now be quickly uploaded and posted to various social media sites!

  • Grafitti Wall Run

    The Digital Graffiti Run is a giant rear screen projection wall used at event’s and parties as a new photo attraction. Virtual or digital graffiti is one of the “hottest” trends in special events industry.

    Guests can stand in front of a rear screen projector or green screen and have their photo taken. The photo is then projected onto the screen where the guests can then use infrared spray cans to customize their photo, with customized “paint” and stencils. Participants feel as if they are graffiti artists, but without the mess.