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Do you have multiple locations and need an online digital guestbook? Well look no further. Our online digital guestbook is your solution. Whether you need a video guestbook or a picture guestbook our solution can service your needs.


  • Use text messages to add content to our digital guestbook. Have people text a number with a picture or video, and message that can be used in the guestbook!
  • Custom URL where people can go and use their built in camera to take a picture or video. They can write on the guestbook with their finger or type in a text box to leave a message.
  • Admin screen to approve or deny images, messages, or video before it gets added to the guestbook.
  • Custom URL to view the guestbook! Want everyone at your event to view the guestbook? No problem. With our online viewer users are not limited to a single viewing location.
  • You can save the guestbook for exportation after you are done using it.
  • Password protected private views. Want to use the online guestbook but only want your employees or family to view it? No problem! You can set the viewer to private!

Not looking for an online guestbook? No problem, we have a desktop app too!

If you need some custom development or want an online Instant Mosaic for your next trade show or event then give us a call to see how we can help you out. Use our online digital guestbook for your next private party, grand opening, or corporate event.