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  • With a name like Fliptastic you should already know that you are getting something fantastic. Our Flip Photo Software combines 2 photos into a flipping good time!

  • Thanks to Facet by PopNoggins we are able to make unique Photo Cubes. Getting a group together and snapping lasting memories will never go out of style!

  • Close up is software that is incredibly popular. It allows us to put your guests picture on any virtual background. Is your guest ready to be on the cover of a magazine? Close up makes it easy!

  • Do you like 3D photography? Dimensions will make you fall in love! It makes creating 3D photography fun and exciting. Use one of our many templates to put yourself anywhere!

  • Visions Insight Booth

The green screen technology offered by Popnoggins in our Visions Software Suite is the ultimate way to create a lasting impression at any event. Setup requires less than six feet of space and only 5 amps of power, making it cost-effective and non intrusive. If you rent the Popnoggins Vision software at your next event, you are almost assured to make your money back and more in only one day.

We offer a variety of formats in the software package. All of which make the ideal way to advertise yourself while ensuring a keepsake that your guests will not forget.

Our 3D Photography Software is simple to run and requires only a few pieces of equipment, many of which you may already have. This is an ideal opportunity for any event organizer to make their event stand out with a lenticular 3-D picture that captures the event participant and your corporate logo.

Photocubes are another fantastic way to make your event stand out with unique keepsakes. This takes six photos of a single individual, multiple people, or group and prints them onto a keepsake cube that can contain your logo or company name. It’s a unique way to ensure that people keep your name around for a while.