Digital Graffiti Wall

The Digital Graffiti Run is a giant rear screen projection wall used at event’s and parties as a new photo attraction. Virtual or digital graffiti is one of the “hottest” trends in special events industry.

Guests can stand in front of a rear screen projector or green screen and have their photo taken. The photo is then projected onto the screen where the guests can then use infrared spray cans to customize their photo, with customized “paint” and stencils. Participants feel as if they are graffiti artists, but without the mess.

This system is the perfect addition for event rental professionals such as, family entertainment centers, DJ’s, and novelty or event photography professionals. Fellow event and marketing professionals use our products to generate good returns on their investments.

Once the photo is complete your guest can print, email, or post the creation to social media. It can also be exported to print t shirts, coffee mugs, or other novelties

Grab a can of spray paint and get your creative vibe on with Digital Graffiti Run! Let party guests have both interactive fun AND take home a custom souvenir. Unlike traditional party photo booths, Digital Graffiti Run can be used solo, in groups, or as a competition.

How Does it Work?
Digital Graffiti Run is a downloadable software app that is compatible with most laptops. Take a background picture and use this to create your Digital Graffiti Wall (something like a brick alley). Select your image and display it through a projector onto a large screen or white wall. Guests then take their infrared “spray cans” and start painting.
Side bar menus allow for individual menu selections like stencils, colors, and sharing. After creating a custom image, guests can post to social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or download a hard copy of their personalized Virtual Graffiti Wall to mugs, stickers, or magnets.

Fun Digital Graffiti Run Ideas
Try these creative ideas for even more fun:

  • Extreme digital Pictionary
  • Create the best logo challenge
  • Makeover your friends with new hairstyles
  • Redecorate a room and pick the best design.

Brought to you by PopNoggins, established creators of digital photo fun.

Digital Graffiti Run is available for rental in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles & more.

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